tmux man-page search highlighting in Cygwin/Mintty

Inspired by the question tmux-man-page-search-highlightingon StackOverflow, I found the solution for this problem from tmux faq, but I applied it with a little tweak (The original solution will cause coloring problems in ls output for my Cygwin/Mintty). Make sure you have ncurses package installed in Cygwin! The result can be found at .terminfo/73/screen-256color The final step is to set the default-terminal to screen-256color in your .tmux.conf Cheers.

January 14, 2015

Cygwin Tmux always creates new windows in HOME directory

Tmux is a convenient terminal multiplexer, not until recently Cygwin has packed Tmux in its distribution source, now we can install Tmux from setup-x86{_64}.exe, the package installer provided by Cygwin. One problem I experienced while using tmux is that: every time I created a new window in Tmux, the working directory is always HOME, even if I specified the startup directory in the option: Having examined this problem for a while, I can now tell what is wrong....

October 8, 2014