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Tools and tips for configuring Windows on a Mac (through bootcamp) Tools randyrants/sharpkeys. It lets you remap keys in Windows, e.g. swap CTRL and WIN. You can also use Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator for remapping keys. However it’s little bit outdated(requires .Net 2.0), and does’t work well on Windows 10. How to enable .Net 2.0 on Windows 10? Open “Control Panel”, go to “Uninstall a Programs” then on the left panel, click “Turn Windows features on or off”; in the popup dialog, tick the ....


Extension ProxySwitchyOmega switch proxy for firefox and chrome


lldb go over a few lines (lldb) thread until 25 ref: Step over until loop finished in lldb break at C++ exception For all c++ exceptions: break set -E C++. ref: lldb: Breakpoint on exceptions (equivalent of gdb’s catch throw)


Tools Etsy Hound Lightning fast code searching made easy Google CodeSearch sharkdp/fd A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to ‘find’ ruben2020/codequery A code-understanding, code-browsing or code-search tool. MaskRay/ccls. C/C++/ObjC language server supporting cross references, hierarchies, completion and semantic highlighting cquery-project / cquery . C/C++ language server supporting multi-million line code base, powered by libclang. Emacs, Vim, VSCode, and others with language server protocol support. Cross references, completion, diagnostics, … IDEs eclipse CDT source insight vs community qt creator xcode Refs Going Beyond grep for Searching Source Code Regular Expression Matching with a Trigram Index or How Google Code Search Worked


Tips Workspace An Eclipse Workspace can contain several projects, which can be organized into virtual Working Sets. A Perspective determines how user would like to interact with a Workspace. Use Menu: Window > Perspective > Customize Perspective… to customize Perspective. Eclipse help - Working with projects, folders and files Working Set Projects can be organized with Working Sets Open Project Explorer Menu: Window > Show View > [Project Explorer] Enable Working Set Project Exploere: Click the little triangle > Select Working Set > Manage Working Set here Project Nature...


Tips shallow git submodules git submodule add --depth 1 -- repository path git submodule update --depth -- [<path>...] --depth option is valid for add and update commands. Create a ‘shallow’ clone with a history truncated to the specified number of revisions. For Git 2.9.0 and up, you can do this: git clone --depth=1 --recursive --shallow-submodules repo_url And git 2.10 Q3 2016 allows to record that with git config -f .gitmodules submodule....


diffutils side-by-side diff diff -y --left-column --strip-trailing-cr file-a file-b sdiff is a shortcut of diff -y refs:

Idiomatic JavaScript

Expressions undefined or null // safely extract a propertiy value from an object, gets undefined if obj is not valid or obj has no propname let prop = obj && obj[propName] // call func on prop if func is valid, and use the result returned by func as the value. Otherwise just use prop as the value. let value = func ? func(prop) : prop Surprings! const const only makes the name of a variable stay constant, but not its value:...


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catalina xcrun: error: clang shows: xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), missing xcrun at: /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/xcrun fix it with: xcode-select --install Tools deluge, torrent client. qBittorrent, torrent client. FileMerge, macos builtin for file comparison Tips Make Finder Search in Folder Open the Finder Preference, switch to the Advanced tab, on the dropdown list named When performing a search, select Search the Current Folder. encrypt tar.gz # tar -czf - * | openssl enc -e -aes256 -out secured....


Complex Number Freecomplexnumbers Books Online Calculus Made Easy An Infinite Descent into Pure Mathematics Finite mathematics and applied calculus Casts Socratica Socratica makes high-quality educational videos on math and science. New videos every week! We’re a couple of Caltech grads who believe you deserve better vi… What is a Vector Space? (Abstract Algebra) 3Blue1Brown 3blue1brown, by Grant Sanderson, is some combination of math and entertainment, depending on your disposition....


Plantuml Set background color of a group @startuml skinparam SequenceGroupBodyBackgroundColor Silver group Greeting A -> B: hello end @enduml ref: skinparam Spyder Installation Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ Doesn’t work with python 3.8 yet. Useful command: spyder3 --reset